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Are you new to leadership?

3 tips to when you are leading a team for the first time!

Are you a new line manager?

Have you just been promoted to leading a team rather than being part of that team?

What do you do now? How do you make that massive leap from being part of a team to leading it smoothly?

What are your friends going to say or do now that you are leading them rather than being part of the team?

It’s a different time for both you and them.

By setting out your stall early it will help with your leadership confidence and how they perform.

Here are my 3 tips to help you make that transition from team to leader!

1. Understand your new role

You are obviously great at what you do but how do you shape that in to how to lead your team to be great at what they all do?

✅Understand every element of your role ✅ Find the answers to these questions.

👍 What needs leading?

👍 What is ok at the moment?

👍 What needs improvement?

👍 What is your remit?

2. Be you

Don’t be who you think you should be.

Think about what the real leader in you looks like.

As a leader what are your values? Being honest? Being supportive? Being accountable?

Decide on your 3 top values and focus on them for the first 90 days.

Make sure your team know them and understand them too. Fill in the blanks!

👍 my 1st leadership value is ___________ , I will demonstrate it by ___________________

👍 my 2nd leadership value is ___________ , I will demonstrate it by ___________________

👍 my 3rd leadership value is ___________ , I will demonstrate it by ___________________

3. Interact with others

Including your team, your peers, your customers/clients, who do you need to collaborate with to succeed.

👍 Have a 121 with every team member

👍 Hold a full team meeting

👍 Build a relationship with anyone who is a key player

Explain what leading the team means for you and them so they know what to expect.

Focusing on these three key elements in your first 90 days of leadership to help you hit the ground running as a leader.

If you would like more help in developing your first 90 day leadership plan contact me for a free 121 to establish where you are and where you would like to be.

Email me to find out more

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