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Can I have a 'P' please Bob?

'Can I have a P please Bob?' was a joke from the TV quiz game Blockbusters - the first time it happened it caused much laughter in the audience. If you remember it you are near my age, if you don't google it.

Let's look at some P's for positive leadership!

P is for proactive - don't let things slip. As a leader it is your responsibility to give your team feedback all the time, so if things quite as they should be, do something about it.

P is for praise - it keeps the team positive. Saying 'well done' or 'you did a great job today' really makes the difference to their performance. But make sure you add the why - you did a great job when you ..... because ......... The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

P is for persuasion - persuade them to work hard and to push out of their comfort zone by explaining clearly the benefits to them and the team.

P is for positive - obviously! Deal with any crisis in a professional way and with a 'can do' attitude. Your team will watch you, learn and this will encourage them to act in the same way.

Being positive really does make a difference for the whole team, organisation and individuals. Choose one from my tips above and make it your mantra for the week.

Good luck!

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