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How to continue to cherish your assets!

3 more tips on how to retain your staff!

It is always difficult to retain staff within any organisation but have no fear it is achievable in a few small steps!

Once you have recruited the right staff it really is about how you can retain them and not let them go! They are the most important asset for you so cherish them!

Tip 1 - Appreciate them!

This means you recognise the good qualities of someone. As humans we really crave appreciation. Thank them by name. Saying a thank you is remembered! If it feels right create thank you cards to make it official! Here above are some easy examples to copy!

When thanking be specific – ‘thank you when you covered that shift late for me as it helped me save time in finding someone and meant the rest of the team were fully supported’. That way they really understand what they have done.

If you want to go beyond a simple thank you find out what they like – flowers, wine, a book, a spa day, it’s not about spending loads of money on them but by thinking about something personal to them.

By showing this appreciation they are more likely to go that extra mile next time, cover that last minute shift because they are appreciated. It also shows to the other team members what is appreciated.

Tip 2 – Do you have a vision of what you are trying to achieve?

A vision statement looks forward! It creates a mental image of the ideal state that the organisation wants to achieve. It answers the question ‘where we are heading’! An example for a Care Home could be:

‘A homely and creative environment which puts people first’

It explains to the team exactly what you are trying to achieve – homely and creative – putting people first – the residents, the staff.

You can use it in staff recruitment, team meetings, appraisals! There’s lots of ways to use it and you talk about it EVERY day so that they understand it and live by it.

Ultimately you are sharing it with them so they can hop on for the great ride and go beyond expectations achieving it!

Tip 3 – Trust them

Trust them by showing them their work is good enough that they don’t need you looking over their shoulder. When they have a job to do let them get on with it and then give them constructive feedback.

There’s a lot here isn’t there! But Rome wasn’t built in a day and all these tips are achievable. Don’t try to do them all at once but put a plan together how you are going to gradually introduce or build on what you have already. It takes time but think how much further on you will be in 6 months’ time!

Anything is achievable if you put your mind to it!

Here is an appreciation example in action – a simple thank you card and a smile to give to staff to say thank you!

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