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Remote? Hybrid? Or face-to-face working?

Updated: Jan 15

4 tips of keeping everyone sane and performing well!

Whichever way you and your team are working at the moment there is certainly the feeling of groundhog day for everyone this month!

How can you make the best of it? Here are my 4 tips!

⭐ Share understanding and purpose

Ensuring everyone understands why their role is important AND where it fits in with the overall purpose and success of the business and team is imperative for great performance! Share the vision or where you are all heading – where are you all rowing to?

⭐ Share information and communicate effectively

I don’t believe you can ever communicate too much! Share information all the time as remember as the leader you are the main conduit between the business and your team. Variety is the spice of life so use different ways of communicating, either written or visual and through emails, team chats, individual chats.

⭐Remember each team member has a voice, make sure they feel able to use it!

It’s really easy in this virtual world to focus on the people who are first to put their hand up and be the most vocal but be careful not to overlook someone who is quiet. Catch up with the quieter ones on a one-to-one basis so that you gauge everyone’s views and opinions. If you ask for feedback and then you don’t act on it there will be less contributions in the future. If something can’t be done then explain it so that your team understand why.

⭐ Prioritise the well-being of everyone, including YOU!

Burnout has a big issue. A team that knows you consider time away from work is as important as time at work will perform better. If home-working, encourage regular breaks away from screens. Aim for 10 minutes every hour. Be the role model, do it yourself!

Being a leader involves spinning many plates and those are constantly changing so I help leaders build and develop their teams.

I recently did a podcast where I was talking to Matt Jenkins, Employment Partner from Moorcrofts LLP on how to have difficult conversations and give effective feedback. Listen to it here My podcast

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