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Wellbeing is your priority

Did you know that the two most common workplace factors that negatively contribute to stress at work are WORKLOADS and MANAGEMENT STYLE? (CIPD research) It just shows that leading a team and leading it with everyone's wellbeing in mind has a huge impact.

Happy, healthy and engaged teams are more likely to meet their goals and importantly help you meet yours! Have you thought about how many good days you and your team have each week?

Here are my 4 top tips for creating a positive environment of wellbeing and support for your team:

  1. Lead by example to promote healthy working. This means making sure your team see you doing it. Actively take time away from your working day having some downtime away. Go for a walk and turn off your phone even for just 20 minutes. Fiercely protect this time and make sure you support your team to do this too, especially if working remotely.

  2. Add wellbeing to your 121 agendas with your team and take time to ask how they are and how you can support them better.

  3. Regularly review workloads and responsibilities - set clear and realistic deadlines and also expectations.

  4. Manage the mental health of your team especially if remote working - make time for social chats and listen carefully to what they are saying. Part of working is having FUN!

Let me know how you get on focussing on the wellbeing of you AND your team!

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