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What type of personality do you struggle to manage?

Let me introduce you to our two cats - Felix and Toffee (she is the one gloating that she is inside!). Even though they are both ginger cats they are two very different personalities.

Felix is the lazy one. He often struggles to get himself to his food bowl. But he is also a right softy, affectionate and needy!

Toffee is more cautious and shy however, when on her own she can be really confident and knows what she wants.

Do you have these personalities in your team?

If two ginger cats have such different personalities then in humans there are endless possibilities!

The key to positive leadership is working out what does and doesn't work for each of your personalities in your team. It can be a huge challenge, can take time and be something you aren't very confident with. Sometimes 20% of your team take up 80% of your time - it would be great to try and swing it around the other way! My 3 top tips are: ⭐ for a Felix personality (the lazy one), nip things in the bud, don't ignore. Use the AID model at their next 1:1 explain to them what you have witnessed - ACTION, what IMPACT that has on others and you, explain what you want them to DO. ⭐ for a Toffee personality (the shy one) develop your relationship with them so that if they are too shy to offer their thoughts and opinions at team meetings, talk to them individually afterwards to get their feedback. They will gradually be encouraged to be more confident in front of others with your support. ⭐ for both Felix and Toffee use their regular 1:1's to review the discussions you have had and give more feedback as to how they can improve. This means you are continually managing their performance - an important part of positive leadership. If you want to start having these conversations with your team download an AID template here:

Positive Leadership!

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