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Why weekly 1:1's are important!

I read an article recently that suggested leaders should be having a weekly 30 minute 1:1 with each of their team members to really make a difference. Read the article here: Make one to one’s meaningful

How do you feel about that? Does that sound an impossible task? Do you feel you have too many staff reporting to you so it would never work? Maybe you feel you just don't have enough time?

I will share why I think a weekly 1:1 is important, even if that only takes 10 minutes! ✅ This time spent with each individual in your team is a critical component in you both building a good working relationship ✅ This time allows you to build trust between the two of you ✅ Trust means you can rely on this person and they can rely on you ✅ This time helps build rapport so you can both deliver great performance ✅ Touching base weekly means you have your finger on the pulse of your team and you can react quickly to any situations that arise knowing that you fully understand the picture What should you discuss in the 1:1? How can you make it simple AND effective for both of you?

On my FREE HELM Resources hub you will find a template with the 3 key questions to discuss in your 1:1's to make them simple AND effective.

Click on this link to sign up:

Contact me if you want any help with making 1:1's with your team simple and effective. I would be more than happy to help. Here's my email:


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